Rock Band and Guitar Hero On PC - How To Rock Out At The PC Gaming Party

== Rock Band and Guitar Hero on PC are a rhythm and music video game released by Harmonix and released by Red Octane for the Xbox. It's the first major installment in the highly popular Guitar Hero series. This game is a single player game that requires you to play it with another player via a keyboard or a controller. 

 In this game, you'll be playing as lead guitarist and you'll be given 8 minutes to solo and play as well as sing your favorite Rock Band tunes while battling your guitar chords. The scoring is based on the amount of notes and how hard you play each chord. It's quite challenging as well as fun to play Rock Band and Guitar Hero on PC because it incorporates musical elements into the actual game play. However, you have to know some basic guitar techniques in order to make the best use of your skills. 

 When playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero on PC at, you'll be using the mouse to play and click to play the chords. You can also use the keyboard for some chords. The left and right chords are performed by pressing the keys of A and G together, while using the left mouse button to change the selected note. Using the keyboard to play the chords allows you to change the rhythm as well as the song tempo by simply using the mouse. It's actually pretty cool to play. 

 One of the most important things to know when playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero on PC is how to change chords without using the left hand. To play a chord, you have to move your hand to the appropriate fret and then place your fingers in position to play the notes. If you try to play a chord while holding the first note, the result will be a wrong sound. To change chords without using the left hand, place your fingers directly on the selected notes and then quickly change from the B minor or the A7 to whatever note you are playing. Discover more facts about gaming at  

 One of the problems that most users have is that they tend to play chords using the whole arm instead of just the ring finger. By using the mouse and clicking the tabs, they can easily learn how to play a chord and shift their hand position from one to another. Since there are now 12 easy tabs in each set, you can easily learn how to play different tunes. By changing the tabs, you can change the chords that you want to play.  

There is one really cool feature of the Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the PC that you won't see in other games. When you are playing a song, you can save your game right where you started it. When you want to load it again, you just click on the saved game icon on the right hand side of the desktop and you will be playing right there in the program. It is really cool because you can save your favorite songs and then load them whenever you want to play. This software really makes it simple to play the guitar or the drum and become a master of it on the PC. Be sure to click for more details!

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